The Euro-Argo ERIC is pleased to welcome its new data scientist

A new team member – Delphine Dobler

Delphine Dobler has been working in the field of marine science for five years and has an expertise in physical oceanography, data science, and quality processes. She holds an engineer degree in aeronautical and space constructions from the ENSICA School of engineers in Toulouse (now called ISAE) and a master’s degree in climate and physical oceanography from the University of Brest.

She first worked in the satellite industry. During 10 years, she was involved in the development, validation and operations of satellite on-board softwares and associated ground control centres. In 2017, she attended a master’s degree in climate and physical oceanography. She then gained experience by working for the Coriolis operational data centre, to improve, design and operate the real-time and near-real time quality controls, mostly on Argo data, under the framework of the MOCCA project. Later, she worked as a research engineer for the French institute for sustainable development (IRD) in the Laboratory of Ocean Physics and Satellite Remote Sensing (LOPS laboratory) under the framework the “Monitoring and modelling the circulation of marine debris in Indonesia" project funded by the AFD (Agence Française de Développement). She analysed the temporal and spatial distribution of the physical dispersion of marine debris within the Indonesian archipelago and assessed the sensitivity of the results to the different physical processes accounted for. The analysis results were provided to the ministry and local association to help mitigation actions. She worked in cooperation with Indonesian partners, the LEGOS laboratory in Toulouse and the CLS private company.

Within the Euro-Argo ERIC office, Delphine will be involved in data science aspects, including the management of Argo metadata (within the framework of the ENVRI-FAIR project), the improvement and operational implementation of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and the follow-up of data-related issues.