2016 Price “Les Etoiles de l’Europe”

Published on 15 december 2016

P.Y. Le Traon received the 2016 Price “Les Etoiles de l’Europe”.

New arrival in our team ! Welcome Claire !

Published on 21 october 2016

Claire Gourcuff joined the Euro-Argo ERIC Project Office on the 3rd October 2016.

Deep-Arvor in the western Cretan Passage

Published on 12 september 2016
Launch of first MOCCA float from FS METEOR

First MOCCA floats deployed

Published on 1 july 2016

3 floats where launched in the subtropical Atlantic from FS Meteor vessel.

PY Le Traon, S. Pouliquen and D. Ó Conchubhair

Welcome to Ireland

Published on 2 may 2016

Ireland new member in Euro-Argo ERIC

3rd ENVRI week - Prague 14-18 November 2016

Published on 24 november 2016

The 3rd ENVRI week was held in Prague, Czech Republic, 14-18 November 2016.

Euro-Argo ERIC at Brest 2016

Published on 5 august 2016

The Euro-Argo ERIC team participation to the scientific exhibition at Brest 2016.

Argo exhibit at SeaFest

Published on 13 july 2016

The Marine Institute played a major part in 2016 year ‘SeaFest,’ Ireland's national maritime festival which seen over 60,000 visitors pass through over the course of the weekend

Acceptance tests for 80 floats - May 2016

Published on 6 june 2016

2 weeks of intensive acceptance tests have been performed in the Ifremer tank by the Euro-Argo technical team. 

Euro-Argo team strengthened with the recruitment of an Operational Engineer!

Published on 31 may 2016

Romain Cancouët joined the Euro-Argo ERIC Project Office on the 4th April 2016.

The Marine Institute deploys first Argo float as full member of the Euro-Argo ERIC

Marine Institute deploys 1st Argo float as full member of Euro-Argo ERIC

Published on 8 april 2016

The Marine Institute recently deployed Ireland’s first Argo float as a full member of the Euro-Argo ERIC.