Argo deployment in remote areas

Published on 10 january 2022

We are seeking for support

Published on 11 october 2021

We need consultancy support on partnership relation activities.

One more step for Euro-Argo RISE progress in 2021

Published on 24 september 2021

MOOSE-GE 2021 cruise: five floats deployed and three floats recovered in the Mediterranean Sea

Published on 15 july 2021

Read more about this collaborative work!

Job offer at Euro-Argo ERIC office

Published on 24 june 2021

We are looking for a Partnership Relation officer.

Deadline for application: 15 August 2021

First Euro-Argo Political event!

Published on 18 june 2021

Read more about this event, held online on June 8th. 

EuroSea project: five BGC and five Deep floats deployed

Published on 11 june 2021

Read more about the progress of the EuroSea project.

New leaflet about environmental impacts of Argo floats

Published on 4 june 2021

Learn more about Argo floats benefits and environmental impacts.

Euro-Argo regional workshops: a huge success!

Published on 29 april 2021

Read the summary of this 2 days workshop!

A "do not deploy" directive from Sea-Bird

Published on 31 march 2021

Watch out! Please see this important announcement from Sea-Bird regarding SBE41CP and SBE61 CTDs in certain serial number ranges. 

2nd Euro-Argo RISE General Assembly

Published on 24 november 2021

18-19 November 2021 online meeting.

2nd Ocean Observers Workshop

Published on 28 july 2021

Save the date!

European Commission Ocean Observation event

Published on 2 july 2021

Read more about this event

2020 Euro-Argo ERIC activity report is online

Published on 18 june 2021

Read our activity report and learn about this intense year!

Euro-Argo RISE: two BGC and two Core floats deployed in the Baltic Sea

Published on 16 june 2021

Discover the four last deployments of Euro-Argo RISE project!

New Argo data access web tool

Published on 7 june 2021

Discover our new tool to access Argo data

BGC Modelling, Data Assimilation, and Forecasting" session: a strong European involvement

Published on 31 may 2021

Read more about the strong implication of Europe in the full implementation of the Argo array with a focus on BGC extensions.

AST 22 meeting: a growing European contribution to the Argo programme!

Published on 3 may 2021

Read the summary of these 3 days intense and successful meeting. 

Marine RIs Side Event - 9th EuroGOOS Conference

Published on 27 april 2021

5 May 2021 - online