2nd Ocean Observers Workshop

Published on 28 july

Save the date!

European Commission Ocean Observation event

Published on 2 july

Read more about this event

2020 Euro-Argo ERIC activity report is online

Published on 18 june

Read our activity report and learn about this intense year!

BGC Modelling, Data Assimilation, and Forecasting" session: a strong European involvement

Published on 31 may

Read more about the strong implication of Europe in the full implementation of the Argo array with a focus on BGC extensions.

EuroSea project: five BGC and five Deep floats deployed

Published on 11 june

Read more about the progress of the EuroSea project.

New Argo data access web tool

Published on 7 june

Discover our new tool to access Argo data

Euro-Argo regional workshops: a huge success!

Published on 29 april

Read the summary of this 2 days workshop!

We are seeking for support

Published on 11 october

We need consultancy support on partnership relation activities.

MOOSE-GE 2021 cruise: five floats deployed and three floats recovered in the Mediterranean Sea

Published on 15 july

Read more about this collaborative work!

Job offer at Euro-Argo ERIC office

Published on 24 june

We are looking for a Partnership Relation officer.

Deadline for application: 15 August 2021

First Euro-Argo Political event!

Published on 18 june

Read more about this event, held online on June 8th. 

Euro-Argo RISE: two BGC and two Core floats deployed in the Baltic Sea

Published on 16 june

Discover the four last deployments of Euro-Argo RISE project!

A "do not deploy" directive from Sea-Bird

Published on 31 march

Watch out! Please see this important announcement from Sea-Bird regarding SBE41CP and SBE61 CTDs in certain serial number ranges. 

New leaflet about environmental impacts of Argo floats

Published on 4 june

Learn more about Argo floats benefits and environmental impacts.

AST 22 meeting: a growing European contribution to the Argo programme!

Published on 3 may

Read the summary of these 3 days intense and successful meeting. 

Marine RIs Side Event - 9th EuroGOOS Conference

Published on 27 april

Join us on Wednesday 5 May!