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Euro-Argo RISE Final leaflet

Published on 3 february 2023

Ocean Observers website: last updates

Published on 16 january

Latest News

3 million Argo profiles!

Published on 17 july

The sailing campaign NAARCO recovered 10 Argo floats in the North Atlantic

Published on 12 july

After sailing for 27 days between Brest and the Azores, the North Atlantic Argo Recovery Cruise Operation (NAARCO) returned home to Brest on the 10th of June 2024 with 10 profiling floats.

Job offer for a Deputy Project Manager

Published on 10 july

The Euro-Argo ERIC Office is opening a fixed-term Deputy Project Manager position.

Job offer at Euro-Argo ERIC Office

Published on 4 july

The Euro-Argo ERIC Office is opening a fixed-term Information Technology Developer position.

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Find out more about Euro-Argo ERIC’s vision and mission, as well as its updated five goals, and its main scientific and operational drivers: climate change, ocean health and operational services in a brochure.

To better understand and predict the ocean's role in the climate system and scrutinize its health.