First deep ARVOR profiles under the ice!

Published on 26 december 2018

Deployed as part of a deep Argo pilot experiment in the Australian-Antarctic Basin, 2 Euro-Argo floats have collected under-ice deep measurements.

Project Engineer Postion

Published on 21 december 2018

Full time, fixed-term contract

Start: as soon as possible

End: December 2022

Argo Data Management Team 19th meeting

Published on 14 december 2018

2-7 December 2018, San Diego, USA

Research Infrastructures and the Paris Agreement on climate

Published on 5 december 2018

20-21 November 2018, Brussels

EOOS Conference

Published on 3 december 2018

21-23 November, Brussels

6th Argo Science Workshop

Published on 2 november 2018

22-24 October 2018, Tokyo, Japan

Argo Spain summer deployments

Published on 4 september 2018

12 Argo floats were deployed by Argo Spain between June and August 2018.

Partnership between Euro-Argo and Orange Marine

Published on 25 july 2018

Deployment opportunities from cable ships of the Orange Marine fleet

4th GEO Blue Planet Symposium

Published on 16 july 2018

4-6 July, Toulouse (France)

AtlantOS BluePrint workshop

Published on 28 june 2018

4-5 June 2018, Brussels

6th ENVRI week

Published on 13 june 2018

Zandvoort (Netherlands), 14-18 May

Bulgaria joins the Euro-Argo ERIC as a new member

Published on 10 april 2018

We are pleased to welcome Bulgaria in the Euro-Argo ERIC

MOCCA floats in the Drake Passage

Published on 1 march 2018

3 MOCCA floats were deployed along SR1b GO-SHIP section

Euro-Argo floats in the Arctic

Published on 26 december 2018

Increasing Argo deployments and measurements in the north of Nordic Seas

Argo: 2 000 000 profiles!

Published on 17 december 2018

7th MonGOOS Meeting & Workshop

Published on 10 december 2018

5-6 December, Genoa, Italy

The ERIC office team is growing!

Published on 4 december 2018

Andrea Garcia Juan joined the ERIC office in October 2018

Norway member of the Euro-Argo ERIC

Published on 16 november 2018

Argo and the Space Week in Ireland

Published on 17 october 2018

4-10 October 2018

BGC Float Workshop

Published on 26 july 2018

9-13 July, Seattle (USA)

CMEMS in situ requirements Workshop

Published on 16 july 2018

3 July 2018, Toulouse (France)

POLAR 2018: "Where the poles come together"

Published on 10 july 2018

Davos - Switzerland
15-26 June 2018

EuroGOOS General Assembly

Published on 27 june 2018

22-25 May 2018, Brussels

Outcomes of the 1st European Argo DMQC workshop

Published on 11 june 2018

Brest, 17-18 April

A float in the western Black Sea

Published on 10 april 2018

A Argo float with physical and biogeochemical sensors successfuly deployed

MOCCA deployments in Antarctica

Published on 12 january 2018

3 MOCCA floats deployed around 60°S from the sailing ship Katharsis II