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New VirtualFleet release

Published on 16 march

A new version of the VirtualFleet software (version 0.3) was released on January 25th.

Euro-Argo RISE Final leaflet

Published on 3 february

Discover the Euro-Argo RISE leaflet and its digital version!

7th Argo Science Workshop successfully held!

Published on 27 october 2022

More than 100 participants from about 15 countries, the ASW7 won its bet to gather into a hybrid format ocean scientists from all over the world!

Another step forward into collaboration with EMODnet, Copernicus Marine and Climate Change Services

Published on 27 october 2022

Discover how Euro-Argo ERIC further develop collaborations on in situ ocean observations in Europe through MoUs/letter of support.

Two European Argo floats deployed to unveil eddy interactions with the Agulhas Current

Published on 30 september 2022

Discover this great collaborative work!

Discover the new guide on monitoring and forecasting by GOOS

Published on 9 august 2022

This guide is a new reference for operational oceanography!

Read 2021 Euro-Argo ERIC activity report

Published on 6 july 2022

In this report, you will find a comprehensive account of Euro-Argo activities in 2021.

Positive outcome from the Euro-Argo RISE review meeting

Published on 8 june 2022

10 March 2022

Online meeting

AST-23 Meeting - Monaco March 2022

Published on 10 june 2022

The 23rd Argo Science Team meeting was organised in Monaco on 21-25 March 2022, during the Monaco Ocean Week, as a hybrid event.

The Argo Online School is ready!

Published on 13 may 2022

Official release of the Argo Online School

Going further into the testing of SBE and RBR Deep sensors in the Canary Basin

Published on 5 april 2022

Floats deployed during the Raprocan cruise by IEO/CSIC

Open position: Euro-Argo ERIC Director

Published on 7 february 2022

Argo deployment in remote areas

Published on 10 january 2022

Marine RIs workshop: report published!

Published on 3 january 2022

2nd Euro-Argo RISE General Assembly

Published on 24 november 2021

18-19 November 2021 online meeting.

2nd Ocean Observers Workshop

Published on 28 july 2021

Save the date!

European Commission Ocean Observation event

Published on 2 july 2021

Read more about this event

2020 Euro-Argo ERIC activity report is online

Published on 18 june 2021

Read our activity report and learn about this intense year!

Euro-Argo RISE: two BGC and two Core floats deployed in the Baltic Sea

Published on 16 june 2021

Discover the four last deployments of Euro-Argo RISE project!

New Argo data access web tool

Published on 7 june 2021

Discover our new tool to access Argo data

3 Euro-Argo floats deployed by Orange Marine

Published on 7 february

A new step forward in the collaboration with Orange.

The Euro-Argo ERIC is pleased to welcome its new data scientist

Published on 15 november 2022

Welcome Delphine Dobler!

Discover the new educational material on Ocean Observers platform!

Published on 7 october 2022

Discover new educational resources and thematic sheets about the ocean observing networks.

Euro-Argo ERIC has a new Program Manager!

Published on 22 september 2022

Since the beginning of September, the entire Euro-Argo team is pleased to welcome Yann-Hervé De Roeck, its new Program Manager.

Job offer at Euro-Argo ERIC office

Published on 19 july 2022

We are looking for a Data Scientist

Deadline for application: 15 August 2022

ERC REFINE project: four state-of-the-art BGC floats deployed

Published on 23 june 2022

In May and June, four new BGC floats have been deployed in the framework of the ERC REFINE project.

Sensor Camparison : Collaboration Netherlands - France

Published on 10 june 2022

Argo Netherlands and Argo France joined their efforts to compare the new RBR CTD sensors with the standard SBE CTD, deploying pairs of Argo floats in the north of Curaçao, a Dutch Caribbean Island.

Float recovery organized at European level

Published on 17 may 2022

Watch the video of a BGC float recovery!

Marine and Inland Waters Research Symposium

Published on 18 february 2022

16-20 September 2022

Porto Heli, Argolida, Greece

We are seeking for support

Published on 11 october 2021

We need consultancy support on partnership relation activities.

One more step for Euro-Argo RISE progress in 2021

Published on 24 september 2021

MOOSE-GE 2021 cruise: five floats deployed and three floats recovered in the Mediterranean Sea

Published on 15 july 2021

Read more about this collaborative work!

Job offer at Euro-Argo ERIC office

Published on 24 june 2021

We are looking for a Partnership Relation officer.

Deadline for application: 15 August 2021

First Euro-Argo Political event!

Published on 18 june 2021

Read more about this event, held online on June 8th. 

EuroSea project: five BGC and five Deep floats deployed

Published on 11 june 2021

Read more about the progress of the EuroSea project.

New leaflet about environmental impacts of Argo floats

Published on 4 june 2021

Learn more about Argo floats benefits and environmental impacts.