Euro-Argo at the Sea Tech Week

Euro-Argo was present and highlighted Euro-Argo activities at the Virtual Sea Tech Week conference, organised by the Campus mondial de la mer community (Bretagne, France), on October 12th-16th. This event aims at sharing expertise in marine research and innovation. Especially, the core theme of this 12th edition was: “Observation: from seabed to space”.

  • At the Open Data session, Sylvie Pouliquen presented the FAIR principles that guide data providers to make the data more Findable Accessible Interoperable and Re-usable. She explained how, within the ENVRI-FAIR H2020 project, Euro-Argo Members, especially Ifremer and NOC/BODC, work with other Marine ERICs to make Argo data not only Fair to persons but also Fair to machines. Read her full presentation: application/pdf Sylvie Pouliquen presentation - ENVRI-FAIR
  • At the Platform Data Mangement session, Estérine Evrard presented the Argo network improvement planned within the Euro-Argo RISE H2020 project, from technology to data management and services to users. She in particular exposed how the last improvements of data management are in line with the new Argo mission. She also highlighted the collaborative work supported by Euro-Argo Github as well as the link with ENVRI-FAIR project. Read her full presentation: application/pdf Estérine Evrard presentation - Data Management