Envri-FAIR meeting

More than 100 persons participated to the 2nd General Assembly of the ENVRI-FAIR H2020 project. This project aims at enhancing the FAIRness (Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable) data/metadata services of 14 Environmental Research Infrastructures, represented by 37 institutions and 13 countries. The Euro-Argo ERIC was represented by the Euro-Argo ERIC Office, Ifremer, NOC and BODC. Euro-Argo is leading the Marine domain workpackage, with Ifremer and EMSO-ERIC.

Following a FAIR gap analysis across all domains, the next actions are on the specification of development to fill identified gaps and to fix priorities, taking into account 3 criteria:

1) enhance service to the RI users, 

2) enhance service for Marine domain users,

3) contribute to enhance service to the Environmental Cluster.

At Euro-Argo level, the activity will be focused on 2 main actions: implementing an Argo Vocabulary at NOC/BODC to facilitate machine interoperability and developing APIs to facilitate machine 2 machine access to Argo data from French GDAC. These actions have been presented at ADMT20 and supported by Argo International. At Marine domain level, the focus is on allowing integrated access to the same Ocean Variable through a portal that will be set up at Ifremer and will trigger a broker interrogating the 5 RI from the Marine domain. The goal is first to better serve CMEMS and EMODNET-Chemistry through this new service. 

Sylvie Pouliquen also participated to the ENVRI BEERI, that is wider than the ENVRI-FAIR project and that is working on an MoU to provide and advocate a common vision of the European Research Infrastructures in the field of environmental sciences to foster cooperation, exchange of experience, mutual support in the framework of this MoU and develop a common strategy for 2030.

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