Arvor/Provor float technical workshop

A three-day workshop was held at Ifremer in Brest, France on 28-30 January 2020 with 58 attendees. This workshop was organized by Argo Canada and Argo France for Arvor-Provor Argo float users. Its purpose: improving the level of technical expertise and sharing best practices. 

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In addition to scientists and technicians that deploy floats, the workshop also included representatives of the Argo data management community, and the Arvor/Provor float manufacturer (NKE) and sensor providers (Sea-Bird, RBR, JFE).

 Workshop attendees had the chance to get some handson experience with floats at the Ifremer test tank facility.

 See the workshop demos at Ifremer facilty:

Arvor/Provor technical workshop


This aspect of the workshop was very well received given the interactive nature of the activity, and lots of discussion was generated.