Euro-Argo RISE General Assembly

From 3 to 5 March 2020, the General Assembly gathered more than 30 people in Paris (including people in videoconference), representing 17 partners and 12 countries. This General Assembly, initially planned for June 2020, was rescheduled to avoid overlapping with the 1st reporting period.


WP review

The first day was dedicated to a WP review in plenary. WP leaders presented their latest developments and discussions covered technological progress, data management, community enhancement and services to users.

Brainstorming sessions

The agenda also included brainstorming sessions (day 2) and two main topics were selected: impact assessment of the project and user’s community.

         -  The impact assessment session was prepared based on the OECD methodology and adapted to the project.

            Participants were asked to work on two main results of the project: ‘Diversify sensors for T&S’ and ‘Argo community enhancement’.

         -  The session on user’s community aimed at better defining the Argo users and allow to brainstorm on potential actions (within and beyond the project) to be carried out to reach new users.

This was a first try to think in a collaborative way on non-technical topics and also an opportunity to (1) start working on the impact assessment of the project and (2) to give insights in the definition of Euro-Argo community to move forward on some WP7 activities.

First periodic reporting

This meeting was also a moment to start preparing the first periodic report as well as have an update on the project communication. The General Assembly ended with the feedback of the Euro-Argo ERIC Management Board on the project and its contribution to the ERIC 5-year workplan.

Specific meetings

The week continued for Euro-Argo RISE partners on day 3 with WP meetings. WP2 partners, together with WP3 and WP4, gathered to have a tutorial session of the collaborative framework GitHub. WP8 partners had also a meeting to discuss plans for 2020.

Finally, the Euro-Argo RISE week ended by an Executive Board meeting that mainly focused on the work to be completed by WP leaders for the 1st reporting period.

All the presentations done during General Assembly are available on ActiveCollab (restricted to partners only).

More information on the project here.