EuroGOOS Integration Workshop

The aim of the workshop was to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our ROOSs (Regional Ocean Observing Systems), task teams and working groups in the context of the new EuroGOOS strategy and developments at GOOS and IOC level (primarily planning for the Ocean Decade). Each ROOS, cross-cutting working groups (data management, technology, science, coastal issues) and observing system task team (Euro-Argo is one of them) were asked to perform a SWOT analysis of the component they were representing, identifying potential actions to foster better integration at EuroGOOS level and also identify how the EuroGOOS office could facilitate such integration.

From the Euro-Argo perspective, the workshop was beneficial to foster the link with the other observing networks operated in the EuroGOOS ROOSs ( multi-platform observing system design, joint activities, link with manufacturers for sensors development, etc.) and also the link with the coastal operational users represented in the ROOSs. Such activity will be pursued in the coming year.

Sylvie Pouliquen's presentation on the Euro-Argo task team can be downloaded here.