20th Argo Steering Team meeting

The AST20 meeting took place in Hangzhou, China, the week of 11th to 15th March 2019, hosted by the State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics (SOED), Second Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Ministry of Natural Resource.

The week was organised as follow:

  • BioGeoChemical Argo Steering Team meeting organised in the afternoon on 11 Monday and in the morning on 12 Tuesday March 2019
  • AST executive meeting on 12 March afternoon.
  • Plenary AST meeting on 13 to 15 March 2019.

Delegates from several Euro-Argo members attended, and a presentation on the Euro-Argo status was made by Claire Gourcuff. Among all the subjects reviewed, important discussions took place regarding the new phase of the Argo programme and how to present the Deep and BGC missions. It was decided to keep the name "Argo" and add a new tagline under the logo: global, full-depth, and multidisciplinary.

All the presentations made during the plenary, as well as the full agenda and national reports (including a Euro-Argo report) are available on the international Argo website.