ENVRI-FAIR Kick-Off Meeting

The ENVRI-FAIR project kick-off was organised in Prague on the 14th-16th January and more than 90 persons attended the meeting. The ENVRI-FAIR project started on the 1st January 2019 and will last on the 31st December 2022. ENVRI-FAIR is the connection of the Cluster of Environmental Research Infrastructures (ENVRI) to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). It involves about 40 institutes from 13 Research Infrastructures from the ESFRI Roadmap.

S. Pouliquen, the Euro-Argo ERIC Director, leads the Marine Domain workpackage with the director of the EMSO ERIC, J. Dañobeitia, and T. Carval from Ifremer. The Marine Workpackage involves 4 Research Infrastructures from the ESFRI Roadmap (Euro-Argo, EMSO, ICOS and LifeWatch) as well as SeaDataNet and Emodnet-Chemistry leaders.

A first Marine domain work-package splinter meeting was organised, where :

  • a strategy to assess the FAIRness of the Marine RI and defined priorities were agreed
  • each RI presented the RI data system and identified actions to enhance the FAIRness of the RI
  • the scope of the demonstration service was agreed. It will consist of the integration of identified EOV (essential ocean variables) from the different RIs, that will serve researchers from the EOSC but also be used either by Copernicus or EMODNET to enhance the products they already process from the Marine RIs. A demonstration of enhanced quality control tools using VRE (Virtual Research Environment) on EOSC are also planned.

Marine domain activities will be based on previous developments from ENVRI+ and AtlantOS projects and will rely on sustained infrastructure that will last after the end of the ENVRI-FAIR project.