A "do not deploy" directive from Sea-Bird

Updated Sea-Bird SBE41CP and SBE61 CTD Quality Concern

Based on most recent fleet analysis of abrupt salty drift, Sea-Bird Scientific is issuing an immediate“Do Not Deploy” directive for undeployed SBE 41CP and SBE 61 CTDs built in 2018 in the following serial number ranges:

•SBE 41CPand SBE41CP Deep:10482-11252

•SBE 61:5669-5724

If you have CTDs with serial numbers in the affected range,do not deploy them and contact Sea-Bird Scientific for further instructions.

Please email Sea-Bird Scientific at sales@seabird.com with the subject line “SBE 41CP and 61 Quality Concern” and include a list of undeployed floatCTDs within the serial number ranges listed above. Please include the CTD model and CTD serial number, float model and float serial number if applicable. Sea-Bird Scientific will follow up with you as soon as possible with the next steps. If you have already deployed CTDs with serial numbers in the affected range, please wait to contact Sea-Bird Scientific and float manufacturers. Sea-Bird Scientific isin the process of determining criteria for confirming abrupt salty drifters and will provide further details in subsequent communications.