POLAR 2018: "Where the poles come together"


This SCAR/IASC (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research / International Arctic Science Committee) Open Science Conference was held on 15 – 26 June 2018 in Davos, Switzerland.


The polar regions are crucial for the functioning of the Earth System; they house productive and unique ecosystems, and are global harbingers of change. The key to the success of the scientific endeavor is compelling, careful communication. POLAR2018 presented a rare opportunity for those working in the environments of the three poles - the Arctic, the Antarctic and the High Altitudes - to come together to share insights and develop the new results and initiatives that are required. (from: Greetings from the SCAR and IASC Presidents to POLAR2018, Susan Barr and Steven Chown)

The programme of the Open Science Conference featured 65 sessions, structured into 12 categories, covering relevant topics from natural sciences to history, and from social sciences to medicine, to name only a few. Around 1000 talks were given and twice as much posters were presented.

As part of the session TE-1 Observing with autonomous vehicles in polar regions a poster was presented from Katrin Latarius and co-authors for the Euro-Argo ERIC/MOCCA community about Expanding Argo float measurements into the Arctic.