Outcomes of the 1st European Argo DMQC workshop

The 1st Euro-Argo workshop on Argo data quality control in Delayed Mode was held in Brest on 17-18 April

The event was jointly organised by the Euro-Argo ERIC and its partners within the MOCCA project (EASME/EMFF/2015/ to start answering requirements from European partners to develop understanding of Argo DMQC and possibly – in the longer term – DMQC capabilities for their own floats.

The workshop gathered 32 persons from 12 countries, including Argo DMQC beginners and 7 experts in DMQC among who Breck Owens, Argo Director, from WHOI (USA) who honoured us with his presence.  

This first European DMQC workshop was very well received by the community, and both the content and the organisation were much appreciated by the attendees. A report is available here, that includes a synthesis of attendees’ feedback and leads for the organization of a possible second workshop on the subject.

Link to the workshop webpage