Argo Spain summer deployments

Following the Argo programme guidelines, Argo Spain contributed this summer to maintain the Argo network and extends its coverage. A total of 12 Arvor - L floats were deployed between June and August 2018 in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. These floats have been co-financed by FEDER funds from "Programa Operativo Crecimiento Inteligente 2014 - 2020".

North Atlantic deployments

7 floats were deployed in the North Atlantic Ocean between 20º N and 50º N under the supervision of UTM - CSIC (SPA) in cooperation with IEO (SPA). Deployments were covered by the R/V Sarmiento de Gamboa during the BATHYPELAGIC cruise.  Plots of their measurements are available by clicking on the following links: 6901269, 6901266, 6901265, 6901262, 6901258, 6901256, 6901253.

Also, 2 floats were deployed out of the Cadiz Gulf to cover an area ruled mainly by the Mediterranean outflow. These 2 deployments were covered by the R/V Ángeles Alvariño during the STOCA0618 cruise, supervised by the IEO (links towards the plots: 6901260 & 6901264). All these 9 floats are currently operating under cycles of 10 days and 1000 m of parking depth.

Mediterranean deployments

3 floats were deployed in the western basin of the Mediterranean Sea from the R/V Ángeles Alvariño under the IEO supervision. In order to cover the Balearic Islands region, 1 float was deployed between Ibiza and Mallorca islands during the TUNIBAL_0718 cruise and another one was deployed east of Menorca island during the RADMED0818 cruise. The last float was deployed south of Cartagena during the RADMED0818 cruise too. These floats are currently operating under cycles of 5 days and 350 m of parking depth.

To have a look at data of the 3 Argo floats deployed in the Mediterranean Sea, see here:

More information & aknowledgment

Additional information of the floats is provided through the Argo Spain website and Euro-Argo monitoring website. Argo Spain want to thank all the involved staff who cooperated for the success for the missions.