AtlantOS Deep and BGC floats successfully deployed!

In the frame of AtlantOS H2020 project, The Euro-Argo ERIC is in charge of the procurement, logistics, deployment and data monitoring of 6 Deep (4000 dbars) and 7 Biogeochemical floats to enhance the growing associated extensions of the Global Argo Programme: measuring core parameters in the deep Ocean, and Biogeochemical ones to study the Carbon cycle and coupled biological physical processes in the upper ocean layers (read more here).

Between October 2017 and April 2018, 12 of the 13 floats have been successfully deployed, benefitting of the synergies within the Euro-Argo ERIC network with several Research Institutes operating large Research Vessels: Australian CSIRO, UK NOC/NERC, Spanish IEO, French IRD.

The main geographical area targeted is the Southern Atlantic (both equatorial and central) where long lasting observations are operated by several networks (GO-SHIP AMT cruises, PIRATA network). The AtlantOS floats will help to pursue the time series for on-going programmes, and foster the collaborations with Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and more generally all African and South American Atlantic Ocean bordering countries as expressed in the AtlantOS strategy and the Belem Statement. But as observable on the deployment map showing the position of the first 12 floats, one can see that a Depp float has been deployed in the Antarctic Gyre , one Deep float has been deployed off-coasts oc Canarian Islands and the last Deep float  (not plotted) will be deployed in front of the Cape Finisterre: AtlantOS helps also to maintain the historical deep observations made by our Spanish IEO colleagues, and to tests new features as per the Ice Avoidance Algorithm for the Austral float.

All floats are operating nominally, their data are transmitted to the French DAC (partnership with IFREMER) and will for sure last for years after the completion of the AtlantOS programme!

We would like to warmly thank the deployment teams, ship crews and people on-shore for the valuable work and the efforts made to have these floats operational at all levels:

  • Cruise IN2018_V01 - R/V Investigator: Mark Rosenberg, Steve Rintoul & Esmee Vanwijk - CSIRO
  • Cruise AMT27 - RRS Discovery: Francesco Nencioli, Andy Rees & Werenfrid Wimmer – PML
  • Cruise GO-SHIP JC159 24S - R/V James Cook: Alejandra Sanchez-Franks – NOC
  • Cruise PIRATA FR28 - R/V Thalassa: Noe Poffa – IFREMER
  • Cruise RAPROCAN 0418 - R/V Angeles Alvarino: Pedro Velez & Alberto Gonzales – IEO
  • On-shore: Vincent Bernard – IFREMER & Jean-Philippe RANNOU – ALTRAN.

The last AtlantOS Deep float will be deployed in summer 2018 during the RADPROF cruise off the coast of Spain.