7th MonGOOS Meeting & Workshop

The VII MonGOOS Annual Assembly took place in Genoa (Italy), from 4th to 6th of December 2018.

A short contribution from Giulio Notarstefano (OGS) about Argo was included in Leonidas Perivoliotis Presentation on "MonGOOS data working group activities". The presentation was oriented to the Mediterranean observing capacity and the status of the Argo monitoring activity in the Mediterranean Sea was highlighted, as well as the contribution given by each partner. It has been reported the good spatial and temporal coverage of the Argo fleet, together with the well diversified platform type in order to guarantee a multiparametric observation of the water column (core-Argo and BGC-Argo) and to explore the deep water masses (deep-Argo). The future plans for Argo in the Mediterranean Sea has also been presented.

The VII MonGOOS Annual Assembly was preceded by a workshop on Operational Oceanography Downstream services.

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