All floats deployed in shallow coastal areas for Euro-Argo RISE project!

One of the objective of Euro-Argo RISE WP6 is to extend the geographical coverage of Argo into shallow coastal waters of the European Marginal Seas. 

To this end, partners have to deploy a total of 8 floats in the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea to test different float configurations.

This summer, Euro-Argo RISE partners deployed the 2 remaining floats for WP6. 

In the Mediterranean Sea, OGS deployed an Arvor float (WMO 6903783) off the North Adriatic coast. The target of the mission is to keep the float on the shelf and use it as a virtual mooring.

In the Black Sea, IO-BAS deployed in July an Arvor float  off the Bulgarian Black Sea shelf at 50 m depth to test its potential as a virtual mooring using a fishing line with neutral buoyancy.

With these deployments, the project milestone #6 is now completed for WP6!

Interested in data of all these floats? See here.

Float deployment by OGS off the North Adriatic coast


Arvor float ready to be deployed by IOBAS off the Bulgarian Black Sea shelf