21th Argo Data Management Team Meeting

This year, the ADMT-21 was held virtually on the week November 30th - December 4th. More than 115 participants from all over the world attended this event. 

BGC ADMT was held before the plenary ADMT and had two 3-hour sessions. 

The plenary ADMT-21 took place on 3 consecutive days and was organised in 3-hour sessions. 

The first session of a two-parts DAC (Data Assembly Centre) workshop was also organised just before the ADMT to discuss ways to improve coordination between DACs.


European initiatives on data management, both for core, deep and BGC Argo, were presented either as stand-alone presentations, underlining efforts carried out in ongoing European projects (MOCCA, Euro-Argo RISE and Envri-FAIR), or as part of a collaborative effort through ad hoc dedicated international working groups set up to elaborate proposal to be endorsed at ADMT. The European partners played a significant role in those groups.

 Among these initiatives, we can cite:

  • DMQC improvements as part of Euro-Argo RISE project (C. Cabanes, Ifremer),
  • Python conversion of OWC toolbox, started with MOCCA project and continued within Euro-Argo RISE project (K. Walicka, BODC)
  • Report on how to dmode high salty drifts CTDs and monitor its impact (international working group)
  • Deep Argo data flags and CpCorr correction in real time and delayed mode (international working group)
  • Development of Argo vocabs to  manage reference tables as part of the Envri-FAIR project (M. Donnelly, BODC) 
  • French GDAC web services and new viewing service: Euro-Argo data selection tool developed within Euro-Argo RISE and Envri-FAIR projects (Romain Cancouët, Euro-Argo ERIC)
  • The European GDAC monitoring  activities and services  (Christine Coatanoan and Thierry Carval, Ifremer)
  • The EuroArgodev collaborative framework set up in Euro-Argo RISE project (G. Maze, Ifremer), 
  • Development of Monitoring tools and DMQC procedures for BGC variables as part of Euro-Argo RISE project (C. Schmechtig, H. Bittig, V. Racapé, R. Sauzède, G. Dall'Olmo, Q. Jutard)

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European ADMT-21 speakers