New VirtualFleet release

During the Euro-Argo RISE project, the VirtualFleet software was developed in February 2020 to optimize floats deployment and programming in the turbulent region of Boundary Currents. But the VirtualFleet software has encountered a wider community, fulfilling even more user requirements like: optimization in Polar regions where floats can temporarily evolve under sea-ice, or float recovery for which predicting floats trajectory is crucial to reduce ship transits to the area.

Therefore, the VirtualFleet software has continued to evolve and a new release (version 0.3) was issued on January 25th. This release comes with a complete online documentation and introduces new features like an Argo float configuration manager and new type of virtual floats. It also comes with much required utilities like a simulation Argo profile index extractor. Despite some breaking changes, this new version brings in the possibility for the software to easily evolve and be maintained in the future; a prerequisite to the long term sustainability of this new Argo tool and the implementation of OneArgo.

All details are available on the new documentation page: