Euro-Argo RISE: Three-headed and two-headed floats qualification

Early December 2021, Ifremer (RDT team) tested prototypes to continue the work developed by Europe in the frame of the Euro-Argo RISE project, for diversifying Argo sensors for the deep ocean and testing their accuracy.

Argo France and Euro-Argo ERIC joint effort during the tests at the Ifremer pool

Two two-headed Deep-Arvor (equipped with an RBR concerto on cap and a SBE61 sensor on the side) and one three-headed Deep-Arvor (with a SBE41 sensor on cap and SBE61 & RBR sensors on the side) profiling floats were tested in the Ifremer pool.

The three profiling floats tested at Ifremer pool.

The analysis of these test data is ongoing. Next step will be the qualification of the floats in a pressure tank. Once fully operational, these instruments will be deployed in 2022 with the help of IEO/CSIC, in order to assess the performance of its sensors at-sea on the long term.