Euro-Argo RISE: two BGC and two Core floats deployed in the Baltic Sea

Euro-Argo RISE project aims at diversifying sensors available for Argo floats. In that purpose, the Baltic Sea has been chosen as one of the testing areas of Argo floats equipped with new sensors. Four floats have been deployed in May to the Gotland Deep and Bothnian Sea during FMI research cruise:

  • Two floats with variety of BGC sensors (e.g. downwelling irradiance, nitrate);
  • Two core floats with RBRargo3 CTD were deployed .

The brackish water and heavy eutrophication of the Baltic Sea set an interesting environment for sensor tests. In addition, the small size of the Baltic Sea with good cooperation among the surrounding countries enable both making calibration measurements near the float locations and recovering the floats. The test also enhances the possibilities to increase Argo presence in shallow coastal waters of the European Marginal Seas.

Deployment of a BGC float, Baltic Sea, June 2021. 

Deployment of a Core float, Baltic Sea, June 2021.

Deployment of two floats in June 2021 in the Baltic Sea, a BGC float on the left and a Core float on the right. © Tuomas Kärnä