Euro-Argo RISE Final leaflet

Euro-Argo RISE, the structuring project for Euro-Argo ERIC over the last 4 years, has come to an end. Its ambition was to enhance and extend the capabilities of the European Argo array to better understand and predict the ocean, its role in the climate system and its health.

Aligning Euro-Argo ERIC missions to those of OneArgo to answer societal and scientific challenges, the project provided a significant contribution to the new ambitious OneArgo array.

Euro-Argo ERIC and the 19 project partners are particularly pleased about the exciting and ground breaking work that the European Argo community has done during these last four years.

Here is the "Euro-Argo RISE Final results" leaflet, that summarizes all the intensive work achieved during the project:

 application/pdf Euro-Argo RISE Final results

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