Euro-Argo at EGU General Assembly 2017

This year, Euro-Argo participated in a joint booth organized in the framework of ENVRIplus, together with 14 other Environmental Research Infrastructures. Lunch talks were organized every day, where Pierre-Marie Poulain (OGS, Italy) and Birgit Klein (BSH, Germany) both took part.

Link toward the news on ENVRI community at EGU17 on ENVRI plus web site.

Claire Gourcuff explaining Argo floats functioning

Pierre-Marie Poulain and Birgit Klein

Pierre-Marie Poulain presenting Argo activities in the Mediterranean Sea


Birgit Klein presenting Euro-Argo at ENVRIPlus booth

Euro-Argo was also presented in the CL5.13 PICO session, as well as the recently updated Euro-Argo strategy, in the OS4.6 CMEMS session.