All regions EMSO workshop

EMSO (European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water-column Observatory) is a large scale, distributed, marine Research Infrastructure of fixed-point observatories serving marine science researchers, marine technology engineers, policy makers, and the public. EMSO consists of ocean observation systems for sustained monitoring of environmental processes end their interactions.

Last month, EMSO organised the "EMSO ERIC all regions workshop EU seafloor and water-column observatories Challenges and Opportunities towards integration", that brought together members of the marine science and industry community to exchange information and best practices related to the advances of the EMSO objectives. Euro-Argo was represented by Dimitris Kassis (HCMR, Greece), who made a talk presenting the potential links between Euro-Argo and EMSO in a session dedicated to coordination with other ERICS.














A poster was also presented by Dimitris Kassis, which allowed very fruitfull discussions among the workshop participants on the opportunities for Euro-Argo and EMSO ERICs to work together, that led to propositions of concrete actions. (The extended abstract of the poster can be downloaded here).

The general feedback of this workshop was very positive for Euro-Argo, with interesting potential collaborations in perspective for the years to come.