A Memorandum Of Understanding for the Establishment of the ERIC signed by the Euro-Argo ERIC representative

The 6th European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) Network meeting took place in Helsinki on May 9th and 10th.

After 2 days of presentations and discussions between participants, Sylvie Pouliquen, the Program Manager of the Euro-Argo ERIC signed the ERIC Forum's Memorandum of Understanding as 8 of the 13 other signatories.

The objectives of the MoU are to establish a Forum to further intensify collaboration between ERICs and in particular:

•             To identify common challenges affecting the Forum Members as entities subject to the ERIC Regulation;

•             To collectively develop responses to these challenges;

•             To contribute to the further development of the ERIC Regulation, ESFRI framework and European and international research context; and

•             To foster the visibility, impact and sustainability of ERICs.

S. Pouliquen signing  the MoU

ERIC Forum's MoU

ERIC Forum MoU's signatories