4th Users meeting - June 2013

4th Euro-Argo Science Meeting and Workshop on the Arctic and sub-Polar North Atlantic
National Oceanographic Center, Southampton, U.K
June 18-20th, 2013

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Day 1 - June 18th

11:00-11:10: Welcome and practical information Brian King (NOC)

Session 1: Using Argo data to monitor the global ocean

11:10-11:50application/pdf Interannual variability of global and regional ocean climate indicators from the Argo observing system ..... K. von Schuckmann (Ifremer, France)

11:50-12:10application/pdf World Ocean general circulation ..... M. Ollitrault (Ifremer, France)

12:10-12:30application/pdf Vertical thermohaline structure of mesoscale eddies in the four major Eastern Boundary Systems ..... C.Pegliasco (LEGOS, France)

12:30-14:00: Lunch

14:00-14:20application/pdf Impact of Argo data in Mercator Ocean global and regional systems ..... V.Turpin for M.Benkiran (CLS, France)

14:20-14:40application/pdf Using Eulerian and Lagrangian time-series data to improve models of ocean biogeochemistry ..... J.Hemmings (NOC, U.K)

14:40-15:00Iapplication/pdf Impact of Argo data set on an operational 1/4° global ocean forecasting system ..... V.Turpin (Mercator Océan, France)

15:00-15:20application/pdf Global assessment of Level 3 SMOS and Aquarius salinity measurements using Argo and an operational ocean model ..... C.Banks (NOC, U.K)

15:20-15:40application/pdf Pushing the boundaries: the first time use of an ARGO-float in the Baltic Sea ..... T.Purokoski (FMI, Finland)

15:40-16:30: Tea

Session 2: The Mediterranean and Black Sea

16:30-16:50application/pdf Performance of the recent Argo floats in the Black Sea. Data quality control procedures and lessons learned ..... E.Peneva (USOF, Bulgaria)

16:50-17:10application/pdf Hydrographic properties of the Cretan Sea derived from an Argo float profiles and buoy data measurements during 2010-2012 ..... D. Kassis (HCMR, Greece)

17:10-17:30application/pdf Effects of very harsh 2012 winter conditions on the deep layer of the Southern Adriatic Sea ..... P-M.Poulain (OGS, Italy)

18:00: Ice breaker

Day 2 - June 19th

Session 3: Bio-Argo and technical aspects of Argo

09:00-09:20: application/pdf Optimal deployment of the BioArgo network: a modelling approach ..... C. Fontana (LOV, France)

09:20-09:40: application/pdf Use of a Bio-Argo dataset to investigate the onset of the sub-polar North Atlantic spring bloom ..... A. Mignot (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

09:40-10:00: application/pdf A Bio-Argo pilot network in the Mediterranean Sea ..... F.D'Ortenzio (LOV, France)

10:00-10:20: application/pdf Bio-Argo: qualification of sensors and evaluation of their factory calibrations ..... A. Poteau (LOV, France)

10:20-11:50: Coffee and posters

11:50-12:10: application/pdf An Autonomous Profiling Explorer for the deep ocean - APEX Deep ..... E. Petzrick (APEX, USA)

12:10-12:30: PROVOR line background and evolutions ..... P.Brault (NKE, France)

12:30-14:00: Lunch and posters

Session 4: The North Atlantic

14:00-14:40: application/pdf The sinking branch of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation ..... S.Drijfhout (NOC, U.K)

14:40-15:00: application/pdf The Pole-to-Pole Atlantic Ocean main pycnocline from Argo data ..... G.Maze (Ifremer, France)

15:00-15:20: application/pdf Validation of oxygen data measured by Argo floats equipped with oxygen sensors and preliminary use of those data to estimate mixed layer depth in we... ..... V.Thierry (Ifremer, France)

15:20-15:40: application/pdf Oceanic fluxes and storage of freshwater and heat in the North Atlantic using Argo data ..... E.McDonagh (NOC, U.K)

15:40-16:10: Tea

16:10-16:30: Reliability of heat storage estimates in the N.Atlantic Ocean from sub-tropical to sub-polar latitudes..... N.Wells (NOC, U.K)

16:30-16:50: application/pdf Consistency checks of delayed mode float analysis in the North Atlantic..... C.Cabanes (CNRS, France)

19:30: Workshop dinner

Day 3 - June 20th

Session 5: High Latitudes

09:00-09:40: application/pdf Seasonal to interannual variability of temperature and salinity in the Nordic Seas: heat and freshwater budgets ..... K. Latarius (IFM, Germany)

09:40-10:00: application/pdf Seasonal cycle of pan-Arctic volume, heat and FW fluxes during 2005-2006 ..... T. Tsubushi (NOC, U.K)

10:00-10:20: application/pdf Seasonal particle dynamics in the euphotic and mesopelagic regions of the Nordic Seas ..... G. Dall'Olmo (PML, U.K)

10:20-10:40: application/pdf Temperature signature of high latitude Atlantic boundary currents revealed by marine mammal-borne sensor and Argo data ..... J.Grist (NOC, U.K)

10:40-11:10: Coffee

11:10-11:30: application/pdf The North Icelandic Jet and its contribution to the Denmark Strait overflow water in a high-resolution ocean model ..... A. Sterl (KNMI, Netherlands)

11:30-11:50: application/pdf Transformation of the Atlantic Water in the West Spitsbergen Current - synoptic observations versus ARGO floats results ..... W. Walczowski (IOPAS, Poland)

11:50-12:10: application/pdf Physical processes in the eastern Greenland Sea - observations from Argo floats accompanied by CTD surveys ..... I. Goszczko (IOPAS, Poland)

12:10-12:30: application/pdf Argo floats in the Arctic: contribution of the IAOOS project. First results ..... C. Provost (LOCEAN, France)