3rd Users Meeting - June 2010

3rd Euro-Argo Users Workshop Programme
Paris - France
June 17-18th, 2010


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Day 1 - June 17 2010

Session 1: Introduction, Euro-Argo and international context


0900-0910 : Welcome  (Ifremer, France)


0910-0930 : European Research Infrastructures ..... H. Péro (European Commission)


0930-0950 : Research Infrastructures – French roadmap ... D. Vandromme (Ministry of Research)


0950-1015 : Euro-Argo achievements and long-term structure .... P.Y. Le Traon (Ifremer, France)


1015-1040 : International Argo: achievements and perspectives ….. D. Roemmich (SIO, USA) and J Gould (NOC)


1040-1110 : Coffee Break


Session 2: Argo data system and data processing


1110-1135 : Delivering data to the user.....S. Pouliquen (Ifremer, France)


1135-1200 : Detecting climate signals in Argo data.....B. Klein (BSH, Germany)


1200-1225  : Argo velocity estimates.....  M. Ollitrault (Ifremer, France)


1225-1245 : A new estimate of the global Ocean 3D circulation from altimetry, SST and in-situ..... S. Mulet (CLS, France)

1245-1415 : Lunch and poster viewing


Session 3 : Climate research


1415-1440 : Monitoring the North Atlantic MOC and fluxes..... N. Wells (NOC, UK)


1440-1505 : Decadal prediction with Argo.....D. Smith (Met Office, UK)


1505-1525 : How well can we derive climate indices from Argo data?...... K. Von Schuckmann (LOCEAN, France)


1525-1545 : Zonally asymmetric response of the Southern Ocean mixed-layer depth to the Southern Annular Mode.... J.B. Sallee (CSIRO, Australia)

1545-1615 : Coffee Break


Session 4 : Applications


1615-1640 : The Role of Argo in Seasonal Forecasts.... M. Balmaseda (ECMWF)


1640-1705  : Argo and the GMES Marine Core Service......E. Dombrowsky (Mercator, France)


1705-1730 : Use of Argo data in near real time ocean analyses and reanalyses in Mercator Océan systems...... N. Ferry (Mercator, France)


1730-1750 : Comparison of Argo QC & meteorological forecast centre QC.....J. Buck (BODC, UK)


1750-1810 : Monitoring the global ocean hydrographic variability from Argo, SST and altimeter observations......S. Guinehut (CLS, France)

1810-1930 : Poster viewing
 1930-2100 : Cocktail and reception



Day 2 - June 18 2010


Session 4a: Extending the applications of Argo in Europe – new sensors


0830-0855 : Extending Argo into the ice......O. Klatt (AWI, Germany)


0855-0920 : Biogeochemical sensors......H. Claustre (Villefranche, France)


0920-0940 : Circulation in the oxygen minimum zone of the eastern tropical South Pacific......R. Czeschel (Ifm-Geomar, Germany)


0940-1000 : Near surface temperature from Argo floats Material...... G. Corlett & C. Merchant (U Leicester, UK)


1000-1020 : The next generation of Argo floats...... B. King (NOC, UK)


1020-1040 : The Arvor experience at sea returns, Provor CTS3 payload capability...... P. Brault (NKE Electronics, France)

1040-1100 : Coffee Break

1100-1200 : Discussion: How do we exploit new sensors and the capabilities of Argo (and other observing systems) to address key oceanographic and climate problems. What are the main priorities for Argo and Euro-Argo?


  •  The interaction of physics and biogeochemistry in the carbon cycle
  •  The strength of the MOC
  •  The sea level budget
  •  Closing the air-sea flux budget
  •  Ocean state estimation (climate and eddy resolving)



Session 4b : Extending the applications of Argo in Europe – regional seas


1200-1220 : Argo in the Mediterranean and Black seas...... P.M. Poulain (OGS, Italy)


1220-1240 : The Nordic seas...... G. Voet (IfM-Hamburg, Germany)


1240-1300 : Argo in Norwegian Sea......K.A. Mork (IMR, Norway)


1300-1400 : Lunch break

1400-1420 : Altimeter and Argo float data assimilation in the Black Sea......S. Grayek (U. Oldenberg, Germany)


1420-1440  : Routine monitoring and research with Argo floats in the western Mediterranean: ongoing and planned activities at SOCIB & IMEDEA......E. Heslop (IMEDEA, Spain)


1440-1500 : Development of the national research infrastructure BulArgo as a Bulgarian component of the ERIC Euro-Argo : present state and perspectives.....E. Peneva (U. Sofia, Bulgaria)


1500-1520 : Argo Information Center – supporting users, widening access......M. Belbeoch (AIC, France)

1520-1600 : Discussion: Role of the User Group in the Euro-Argo ERIC

1600-1630 : Coffee and end of meeting