Find below the presentations that were made at the 3rd Euro-Argo users meeting in June 2010 (Paris, France).

 Day 1 - June 17 2010 

Session 1: Introduction, Euro-Argo and international context 

Welcome - (Ifremer)

application/pdf LeTraon-euroargo-Welcome.pdf 

European Research Infrastructures : H. Péro (European Commission)

application/pdf Pero-euroargo-17062010.pdf 

Research Infrastructures – French roadmap : D. Vandromme (Ministry of Research)

application/pdf Vandromme euroargo-17062010.pdf 

Euro-Argo achievements and long-term structure: P.Y. Le Traon  (Ifremer, France)

application/pdf LeTraon-euroargo-17062010.pdf 

International Argo: achievements and perspectives : D. Roemmich (SIO, USA) and J Gould (NOC)

application/pdf Roemmich-euroargo-17062010.pdf 

Session 2: Argo data system and data processing  

Delivering data to the user : S. Pouliquen (Ifremer, France)

application/pdf pouliquen-euroargo-17062010.pdf 

Detecting climate signals in Argo data : B. Klein (BSH, Germany)

application/pdf klein-euroargo-17062010.pdf 

Argo velocity estimates : M. Ollitrault (Ifremer, France)

application/pdf ollitrault-euroargo-17062010.pdf 

A new estimate of the global Ocean 3D circulation from altimetry,SST and in-situ : S. Mulet (CLS, France)

application/pdf Mulet-euroargo-17062010.pdf 

Session 2: Climate research  

Monitoring the North Atlantic MOC and fluxes : N. Wells (NOC, UK)

application/pdf Wells-euroargo-18062010.pdf 

Decadal prediction with Argo : D. Smith (Met Office, UK)

application/pdf Smith-euroargo-17062010.pdf 

How well can we derive climate indices from Argo data? K. Von Schuckmann (LOCEAN, France)

application/pdf vonschuckmann-argo-17062010.pdf 

Zonally asymmetric response of the Southern Ocean mixed-layer depth to the Southern Annular Mode : J.B. Sallee (CSIRO, Australia)

application/pdf sallee-euroargo-17062010.pdf 

Session 3: Applications  

The Role of Argo in Seasonal Forecasts : M. Balmaseda (ECMWF)   

application/pdf balmaseda-euroargo-17062010.pdf 

Argo and the GMES Marine Core Service : E. Dombrowsky (Mercator, France)

application/pdf dombrowsky-euroargo-17062010.pdf 

Use of Argo data in near real time ocean analyses and reanalyses in Mercator Océan systems : N. Ferry (Mercator, France)

application/pdf ferry-euroargo-17062010.pdf 

Comparison of Argo QC & meteorological forecast centre QC : J. Buck (BODC, UK)

application/pdf buck-euroargo-17062010.pdf 

Monitoring the global ocean hydrographic variability from Argo, SST and altimeter observations : S. Guinehut (CLS, France)

application/pdf guinehut-euroargo-17062010.pdf 

 Day 2 - June 18 2010 

Session 3a: Extending the applications of Argo in Europe – new sensors 

Extending Argo into the ice : O. Klatt (AWI, Germany)

application/pdf Klatt-euroargo-18062010.pdf

Biogeochemical sensors : H. Claustre (Villefranche, France)

application/pdf Claustre-euroargo-18062010.pdf

Circulation in the oxygen minimum zone of the eastern tropical South Pacific : R. Czeschel (Ifm-Geomar, Germany)

application/pdf czeschel-euroargo-18062010.pdf

Near surface temperature from Argo floats Material : G. Corlett, C. Merchant (U Leicester, UK)

application/pdf gould-euroargo-18062010.pdf

The next generation of Argo floats : B. King (NOC, UK)

application/pdf king-euroargo-18062010.pdf

The Arvor experience at sea returns, Provor CTS3 payload capability : P. Brault (NKE Electronics,France)

application/pdf brault-euroargo-18062010.pdf

Session 3b: Extending the applications of Argo in Europe – regional seas 

Argo in the Mediterranean and Black seas : P.M. Poulain (OGS, Italy)

application/pdf Poulain-euroargo-18062010.pdf

The Nordic seas : G. Voet (IfM-Hamburg, Germany)

application/pdf Voet-euroargo-18062010.pdf

Argo in Norwegian Sea : K.A. Mork (IMR, Norway)

application/pdf mork -euroargo-18062010.pdf

Altimeter and Argo float data assimilation in the Black Sea : S. Grayek (U. Oldenberg, Germany)

application/pdf Grayek-euroargo-18062010.pdf

Routine monitoring and research with Argo floats in the western Mediterranean:ongoing and planned activities at SOCIB & IMEDEA : E. Heslop (IMEDEA, Spain)

application/pdf heslop-euroargo-18062010.pdf

Development of the national research infrastructure BulArgo as a Bulgarian component of the ERIC Euro-Argo : present state and perspectives : E. Peneva (U. Sofia, Bulgaria)

application/pdf Peneva-euroargo-18062010.pdf

Argo Information Center – supporting users, widening access : M. Belbeoch (AIC, France)

application/pdf Belbeoch-euroargo-18062010.pdf