Euro-Argo deployments during the AMT 2017 cruise

The Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT) is a multidisciplinary british programme which undertakes biological, chemical and physical oceanographic research during an annual voyage between the UK and destinations in the South Atlantic.


This year, AMT27 set sail from Immingham on 21st September 2017 aboard the RRS Discovery and arrived in the Falklands on 5th November 2017. This cruise was a very nice opportunity for Euro-Argo to deploy floats along the transect, in regions which not many ships cross. We would like to thank Andy Rees, Francesco Nencioli and all the crew members of the AMT27 for their help.


In total, 6 MOCCA (classical T/S floats) and 4 AtlantOS Biogeochemical floats were deployed, as shown on the map opposite, where "MO" stands for MOCCA floats and "BGC" for BGC AtlantOS floats.