3 videos to discover how Euro-Argo is transforming global ocean observation

How does Euro-Argo contribute to the European global ocean observing system? What are Euro-Argo future needs and challenges? Watch these three videos to answer those questions and even more.

With the 1st video, discover how Euro-Argo plays a major role in ocean observing through a series of interviews with European scientists and find out more about the revolutionary OneArgo design and its three missions.


Thanks to the 2nd video you will learn more about @EuroArgoERIC’s contribution to the European Global Ocean Observing System (EOOS).

Last but not least, the 3rd video will give you an overview of future needs and challenges faced by Euro-Argo ERIC and Europe’s strong engagement for in situ global ocean observing. OneArgo is a revolution in ocean observation that requires commitment and support!

This « European Ocean Observing Capacity Awareness » campaign was launched by Mercator Ocean International  and aims at:

  • raising public awareness of the European ocean observing capacity and the importance of in situ ocean observations for society;
  • presenting Argo and Euro-Argo scientific missions and challenges;
  • highlighting a cross-generational component, showing the importance of collaboration between early career professionals and experts.

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