Copernicus Marine Week

The Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) provides a wealth of marine data, from analyses to forecasts, designed to meet the needs of scientists, organizations, governments, and blue businesses alike. CMEMS data and products, freely available to anyone, are extensive and constantly evolving.

The Copernicus Marine Week ran from 25-29 September 2017 in Brussels and gathered people from the wide community involved in CMEMS, including members of the Copernicus EU Earth Observation and Monitoring Programme ecosystem, the European Commission, CMEMS researchers & experts, and members of the blue economy.

5 themes were covered by the conference:

  • Day 1: From the EU Vision to an EU Operational Service
  • Day 2: Producing and Disseminating Reliable & User-driven Data and Information
  • Day 3: Serving Users and Society
  • Day 4: R&D Achievements and Service Evolution Challenges
  • Day 5: CMEMS Future Prospects

The link between Argo/Euro-Argo and CMEMS was presented by Sylvie Pouliquen in the session on “Current state of the system: In situ Infrastructure and CMEMS” (Day 3), as well as the evolution of Euro-Argo for the next decade, in the "Long term evolution of in-Situ observing systems & marine requirements" session on Day 4.

This Conference was the opportunity to present and release the major achievements of the CMEMS in regards to the economy, societal challenges, science, EU leadership worldwide. The future prospects of CMEMS, which benefit Member States, regions, and society in general were also presented and discussed.

A 3 minutes video summary of the week is available here

 Sylvie Pouliquen