Deep-Argo delayed-mode quality control (DMQC) workshop - virtual

Dates:  5-6 June 2023

Summary and related links

Final summary: application/pdf Deep-Argo-DMQCWorkshop_summary

Records of the two sessions

Github repository where DMQC operators of deep-Argo floats can share examples and/or discuss difficulties:

Github repository that contains tools specific to deep-Argo DMQC analysis:


This workshop was intended for delayed-mode operators of Deep-Argo floats to share their experiences regarding two important aspects of DMQC for Deep-Argo data: 1. the application of a CPcor adjustment for salinity from SBE CTDs; and 2. the evaluation of sensor drift to the expected Deep-Argo salinity accuracy of 0.004.


This workshop was open to all interested parties. Delayed-mode operators of Deep-Argo floats were especially encouraged to participate. Argo Data Assembly Centers (DACs) that are responsible for the real-time QC of Deep-Argo data and that are interested to learn more about the delayed-mode perspectives were also welcomed.


application/pdf Deep-Argo-DMQCWorkshop_agenda


Cecile Cabanes, Annie Wong, Nathalie Zilberman.