AtlantOS 3rd General Assembly

Euro-Argo participated to the 3rd AtlantOS General Assembly as coordinator of the Argo task within the "Autonomous Platforms" workpackage. The goal of this task is first to demonstrate the importance of Deep and BGC extensions to the Atlantic Integrated Observing Network and to contribute for the Argo network to the strategy for a sustained observing system in Atlantic that aims serving a wide range of societal benefit areas spanning ocean change, near-real-time ocean state estimation, ocean prediction and base-line information to support sustainable ocean use.

This year, there was an emphasis on sharing of best practices in link with the "Best Practices in Ocean Observing " centred at the Ocean Best Practices repository of UNESCO IODE, that will address both Quality Assurance before deployment and Quality Control at data centres. There was also one complete day dedicated to advance in technology that will provide within a decade new opportunities for Argo to sample new parameters or enlarge sensor catalog for parameters already sampled by Argo.

Finally Euro-Argo will contribute to the Atlantic Blueprint document that will propose a strategy for building an Integrated Ocean Observing in the Atlantic.