Arctic and Baltic users workshop


Arctic and Baltic Users Workshop report: application/pdf D6.6

Dates: 8-9 April 2021

Format: ONLINE event

Conveners: Waldemar Walczowski (IO PAN), Laura Tuomi (FMI), Simo-Matti Siiriä (FMI), Petra Roiha (FMI), Ingrid Angel Benavides (BSH), Birgit Klein (BSH), Kjell-Arne Mork (IMR), Edouard Leymarie (SU-LOV).

For any questions related with Arctic and Baltic users workshop, please email Waldemar Walczowski (



Teaser_Med&BS_Arctic&Baltic_workshopsJoin the Mediterranean and Black Seas & the Arctic and Baltic workshops on 8-9th April 2021!


Stakeholders are most welcome to attend and learn more about the role of Argo in the Arctic Ocean and Baltic Sea.

The agenda of the workshop will focus on the following topics:

  • Baltic Argo activities
  • Arctic Argo activites
  • International collaboration in both regions
  • Operating Argo floats in shallow waters
  • Operating Argo floats in seasonally ice-covered sea
  • Recovering Argo floats
  • Sensors for core missions
  • Biogeochemical sensors
  • Quality Control
  • Where to find the data and how to use it

General organisation and agenda 

The final agenda is now available!

application/pdf Final agenda


Registrations are now closed. Please send an email to contact for any complementary information.

Practical information

The morning slot of 8 April is common with the Mediterranean and Black Seas workshop and will propose a general session on Argo in the European Marginal Seas.

This event is 100% virtual. The link to the online sessions will be sent to registered participants.


Do you need more info?  See below for reference documents: