7th Argo Science Workshop 2022 - October 11-13th 2022, Brussels, Belgium

OneArgo for a changing ocean

The world's ocean is in a constant state of change from natural variability and increasingly from human-induced activities. Understanding the ocean by means of in situ observations is thus more critical than ever before. Moving into its third decade of operation, Argo is expanding its observations into the deep seas, the sea ice covered regions, the marginal seas, and the biogeochemical realm. Implementation of the new global, full-depth and multidisciplinary OneArgo array has just started, opening new perspectives.

In this context, the 7th Argo Science Workshop aims to bring together ocean science research that has employed Argo data and products to further improve our knowledge of the changing oceans and highlight the applications that the new OneArgo array is opening. Through this event, the organisers want to stimulate research activities that use Argo data, especially in combination with data from satellites and other in situ ocean observing networks, and underline the importance of Argo data for operational services, and for model and satellite validation.

The workshop is also meant as an opportunity to widen users' experience of the Argo community and to welcome new scientists into that community.

Abstracts are solicited on the following topics:

  • Biogeochemical processes
  • Ocean climate and circulation
  • Regional studies
  • Satellite studies and modelling
  • Operational oceanography
  • General studies using Argo data


Abstract submission deadline :  31 May 2022 15 June 2022 (extended)