Euro-Argo ERIC at the first Stakeholder Conference for the session on European Research Infrastructures for the Black Sea

Euro-Argo ERIC took part in the preparatory meetings for the first Stakeholder Conference, ‘Black Sea Futures:  Science, Prosperity, and People’, and attended the event in Bucharest on 23-24 April 2024.

Invited to a round table on “European Research Infrastructures for the Black Sea”, this was an opportunity to highlight the deployment of Argo floats in the Black Sea, past (50 floats and more than 10,000 profiles since 2005) and present (13 operational), and how they provide information for validating models and evidencing some processes in the Black Sea circulation. This observation and monitoring capacity, coordinated by an ERIC, has many assets, such as ab initio Open Access to the data, shared best practices, dissemination, training, etc. Examples have been given with a specific Black Sea focus. In addition, some projects fostering collaboration between ERICs and other RIs were mentioned (GEORGE, ENVRI-Fair, AMRIT,…), which also show the synergies that exist between Research Infrastructures.

The high turnout at this round table has demonstrated to the various stakeholders that Research Infrastructures are the optimal path forward.

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