Euro-Argo ERIC created !

On 12th May 2014, Euro-Argo ERIC was officially awarded the Community legal framework for a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC).

This European legal framework has been designed to facilitate the establishment and operation of research infrastructures of European interest. The Euro-Argo ERIC will play a coordinating role and will be in charge of the procurement, deployment and monitoring of European floats.  Its seat is situated in the main Ifremer center in Brest for the first 5 years of its operation.

9 countries (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Greece, Poland and Finland) are all founding members of the Euro-Argo ERIC whose
management office is located in the host country (France), in Brest. Several new countries could also join the ERIC in the coming years (e.g. Spain, Bulgaria and Ireland). 

The official inauguration of Euro-Argo ERIC will be on 17th July 2014, hosted by the French Permanent Representation in Brussels.

Download the press release : application/pdf 14_05_13_ERIC-Euro-Argo-EN

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Download the Euro-Argo ERIC Statutes