Argo programme: the "Deep Arvor" float challenges the limits of ocean observations.

Deep Arvor, a new profiler, is sampling down to 3,500 meters.

Thanks to 3,000 profiling floats (small autonomous robots) measuring temperature and salinity from surface down to 2,000 meters on the global oceans, the international Argo programme, gathering more than 30 countries, has revolutionized global ocean observation. It is the first worldwide in situ ocean observation network that operates in near real time.
Deep Arvor, a new profiler, is pushing the limits of this observation down to 3,500 meters. In last August, for the first time, Deep Arvor tests allowed dives and measures at such a depth. Deep Arvor initiates a new generation of deep profiling floats with increased performance at a reasonable cost. This new generation meets the need to monitor deep water masses that have a key role in the study of climate change.

Press release (in FRENCH) : application/pdf E-Ifremer-CP-NAOS-26-11-2012.pdf