Euro-Argo /MOCCA Scientific Workshop Brest - April 2016

application/pdf 2016 Euro-Argo Workshop - agenda


Welcome and meeting introduction  (10’)

A. Dosdat, Ifremer, France

The Euro-Argo Research Infrastructure (20’)

S. Pouliquen, Euro-Argo ERIC, France

The Argo international program: scientific achievements and prospects (30’)

S. Wijffels, CSIRO, Australia

The role of Argo for seasonal prediction (20’)  

M. Balmaseda, ECMWF, UK

The role of Argo for Copernicus Marine Service (20’)  

P.Y. Le Traon, Ifremer & Mercator, France

New phase of Argo in Europe: strategy and implementation issues   (20’)

P.M. Poulain, OGS, Italy

European contributions to Bio-Argo & scientific objectives (20’) 

H. Claustre, LOV, France

European contributions to Deep Argo & scientific objectives (20’)

G. Maze/V. Thierry, Ifremer, France

Argo and the European Ocean Observing System  (20’)

G. Nolan, EuroGOOS

The Euro-Argo/DG MARE MOCCA Project (30’)

R. Bates, DG MARE & S. Pouliquen Euro-Argo ERIC

Visit of Ifremer and Euro Argo ERIC facilities