CMEMS in situ requirements Workshop

EuroGOOS and Mercator Ocean International organised a one-day workshop gathering the Copernicus Marine Service TACs (Thematic Assembly Centres) and MFCs (Monitoring and Forecasting Centres), together with the EuroGOOS ROOSes (Regional Ocean Observing Systems) and Task Teams who operate and organise the European observing systems. The goal of this workshop was to:

  • refine present and future Copernicus Marine Service requirements for in situ observing systems,
  • review the status of the existing observing system based on an up to date status of EuroGOOS (ROOSes, Task Teams) networks and of their foreseen evolution.

Based on such anlaysis, a common understanding on the main gaps to be filled to fulfill CMEMS needs will be performed and lead to a reference CMEMS paper on in situ requirements (end of July) and the CMEMS OceanObs19 Community paper on observation requirements (end of September). 

Euro-Argo presented the present status of the Argo network, the strategy for the evolution of the European contribution to Argo as well as the identified gaps in term of technological developments and funding to fully fulfil CMEMS requirements.