application/pdf 6 Euro-Argo Users Meeting agenda

Agenda 6th Euro-Argo Users Meeting

4-5 July 2017

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Tuesday 4th July 2017 – Grand Amphithéâtre

Opening session

Welcome, Euro-Argo achievements and future plans - application/pdf Sylvie POULIQUEN   - Euro-Argo ERIC

Sustaining and Enhancing Argo for Observing the Global Ocean - application/pdf Dean ROEMMICH - Scripps Institution of Oceanography UCSD

Fostering European cooperation for observing systems - Glenn NOLAN  EuroGOOS

AtlantOS - Michaël OTT  IOC/UNESCO

Integrated Arctic Observation System (INTAROS) and the need for multipurpose acoustic networks - Hanne SAGEN  NERSC

Session 1:  Extension of Argo to Biogeochemistry 

Challenges of and needs for monitoring the size of small particles by Argo-derived optical proxies  - application/pdf Emanuele ORGANELLI   PML- UK

Latitudinal contrasted annual phytoplankton cycles in phenology and biomass in the Southern Ocean: Mechanisms behind bloom initiation, magnitude and export - application/pdf Mathieu ARDYNA   LOV CNRS/UPMC - France

Biogeochemical Argo data suggest that disaggregation is a major iver of flux attenuation during large phytoplankton blooms - Nathan BRIGGS  LOV CNRS/UPMC- France

Plankton assemblage estimated with BGC-Argo floats in the Southern Ocean - Mathieu REMBAUVILLE  Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie - France

What Biogeochemical-Argo can learn from GO-SHIP and vice versa - Henry BITTIG  LOV CNRS/UPMC- France

A multi-data assimilation scheme of Biogeochemical-Argo data for the CMEMS Mediterranean Biogeochemical model - application/pdf Laura MARIOTTI  OGS- Italie

Session 2:  Model based studies 

Use of Argo observations at Mercator Ocean - application/pdf Elisabeth REMY  Mercator-Ocean - France

Impacts of Argo floats on the global monitoring and forecasting systems at Mercator-ocean  - application/pdf Florent GASPARIN  - Mercator-Ocean - France

Global hydrographic variability patterns from CMEMS global products  - application/pdf Nathalie VERBRUGGE- CLS - France

Session 3:  Regional seas 

Thermohaline variability of the Ionian and South Adriatic seas in 2013-2017 - application/pdf Zoi KOKKINI  OGS - Italie

Water intrusions and particle signatures in the Black Sea: a Biogeochemical-Argo float investigation  Emil STANEV  HZG - Germany

Seasonal and inter-annual variability of heat and freshwater content in the Norwegian Sea   application/pdf Kjell Arne MORK   IMR - Norway

Investigations of Atlantic water inflow into the Arctic Ocean - role of Argo floats measurements  Waldemar WALCZOWSKI   Institute of Oceanology PAN- Poland

Wednesday 5th July 2017 – Grand Amphithéâtre

Session 4:  Large scale circulation

Decadal variability in the Eastern North Atlantic - Manuela KOELLNER  BSH - Germany

Sub-thermocline and Intermediate Zonal Currents in the Tropical Pacific Ocean: paths and vertical structure inferred from Argo and SADCP data - application/pdf Sophie CRAVATTE - IRD - France

South Atlantic Intermediate Waters Circulation Patterns and Time estimation - application/pdf Ignasi VALLES-CASANOVA  Marine Science Institute of Barcelona - Spain

Tracking mesoscale eddies from combined use of satellite altimetry and Argo profiling floats - application/pdf Johnny A. JOHANNESSEN  NERSC - Norway

Transport efficiency of an Agulhas ring from combined satellite altimetry and Argo profiles - application/pdf Francesco NENCIOLI - PML - UK

On South Atlantic intermediate waters and Agulhas Rings  Sabrina SPEICH  LMD-IPSL, ENS, Dept. Geosciences France

Influence of the NAC on the lower limb of the MOC? A combined analysis Deep-Argo/Altimetry - Virginie RACAPE   IFREMER (LOPS) - France

Deep Argo - Brian KING  NOC - UK

Session 5:  Data quality and technology improvements

Status of BGC-Argo data management  - application/pdf Catherine SCHMECHTIG - CNRS-LOCEA-UPMC - France

Improved statistical method for automatic quality control of T/S observations  - Jérôme GOURRION CNRS/CORIOLIS - France

NKE floats recent evolutions  - Jérôme SAGOT  NKE Instrumentation - France

Teledyne floats evolutions  - application/pdf Peter FURZE  Teledyne Webb Research - USA

NOSS Sensor, 1st in situ density sensor for seawater  - Damien MALARDE  NKE Instrumentation - France

An autonomous imaging system for Argo-Floats - application/pdf Simone MARINI - ISMAR-CNR - Italy

Accuracy and sampling scheme for the Deep Arvor: Extending Argo to 4000 dbar - application/pdf Alberto GONZALEZ SANTANA  IEO  - Spain

RBRargo CTD sensor updates  - Jean-Michel LECONTE  RBR-global  - Canada