What are the environmental costs and benefits of Argo floats?

Read this leaflet to learn more about Argo floats benefits and environmental impacts.

The large number of Argo floats raises concerns about their environmental impact. This leaflet assesses these impacts by weighing the risk in relation to other human activities to the benefits of the valuable information solely provided by Argo floats.

This leaflet relies on the publication “Environmental Issues and the Argo Array”, Stephen C. Riser, University of Washington; Susan Wijffels, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the Argo Steering Team. One of the main conclusion is that presently, there is no method of observing the subsurface global ocean that is less environmentally damaging and more cost effective than Argo.

Who is this leaflet for?

For everyone who is interested in Argo floats (public at large, scientists etc.). 

What you will find in this leaflet?

  • You will learn more about Argo floats and their benefits.
  • You will find out more about their positive impacts on the environment and society.
  • You will discover why they are the best option to monitor the ocean.
  • You will read more about environmental impacts of Argo floats when they are observing the ocean and when they reach the end of their life on this poster:

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