What about BGC Argo floats?

Read this document to know more about BGC floats: application/pdf BGC cheat sheets pdf

BGC floats are Argo floats that are equipped to measure up to 6 biogeochemical parameters (oxygen, chlorophyll a, suspended particles, downwelling irradiance, nitrate, and pH).

This document was published by Kimberlee Baldry (University of Tasmania), Raphaëlle Sauzède (Institut de la mer de Villefranche) and Marin Cornec (Observatoire Océanologique de Villefranche sur Mer) in May 2021 (DO - 10.25607/OBP-981). 

Who is this document intended for?

For scientists and oceanographers working with BGC Argo floats data. The eight cheat sheets aim to guide users by displaying information on data processing, quality control and sensor performance for education purposes.

What you will remember thanks to this document?

  • Data distribution of BGC floats for each parameter
  • Information about quality control in the Global Data Acquisition Center
  • Technical tips about RTQC and DMQC for each of the six Biogeochemical Argo variables (chlorophyll-a, optical backscatter, pH, Irradiance, oxygen and nitrate)
  • Basic operating principle for each of the six sensors