Call for abstract

The meeting will include sessions on all aspects of Argo science. The conveners invite submission of abstracts on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Argo data for operational oceanography (e.g. the Copernicus Marine Service) and seasonal to decadal climate prediction.
  • Synergies and complementarities with other in-situ and satellite observations
  • Heat and freshwater content, Earth energy budget and sea level variations
  • Inter-annual to decadal variability of water mass properties
  • Deep water formation and monitoring of the Meridional Overturning Circulation
  • Regional studies using Argo data
  • Contribution of Argo to high latitude research challenges
  • Biogeochemistry and carbon research.
  • Technological advances and results from pilot experiments.
  • Sensors development
  • Calibration/validation issues and advancements


Abstracts should be submitted in one the following sessions:

  • New datasets and services to users
  • Extension of Argo to Biogeochemistry
  • Meso-to-Large scale ocean structure and variability
  • Marginal Seas with a focus on the Mediterranean & Black Seas
  • Technological innovations: present & future


Each session will include keynote speakers, upon invitation.

Abstracts for both oral presentations and posters are expected and should be submitted here.