Find below the presentations that were made on the 1st day (monday) :

Euro-Argo status, prospects and issues P-Y Le Traon - application/pdf Letraon_trieste09

WP-6 Workshops and other matters J Gould - application/pdf Gould_trieste09

Importance of Argo in the Mediterranean Operational Oceanography Network (MOON) S Dobricic - application/pdf Dobricic_Trieste09

Mediterranean subsurface circulation estimated from ARGO data M Menna - application/pdf Menna_trieste09

On the Assimilation of Argo Float Trajectories into the Mediterranean Forecasting System (MFS) J Nillson - application/pdf Nilsson_trieste09

Evidence of cyclonic recirculation off SW Iberia from Argo and Altimetricdata. L Lamas - application/pdf Lamas_trieste09

Argo data service: from data collection to final distribution". The respective role of DACs and GDACs L Petit de le Villéon - application/pdf Petitdelavilleon_Trieste09

The MOOSE project: an observing system for testing a network of biogeochemical profiling floats in the Mediterranean Sea L Coppola et al.- application/pdf Copolla_trieste09

On the potential use of Argo and altimetry data to estimate vertical velocities in the upper ocean A Pascual -application/pdf Pascual_trieste09

Mediterranean thermohaline properties as derived from Argo data G Notarstefano - application/pdf Notarstefano_trieste09

Discussion of issues concerning MedArgo Leader PM Poulain - application/pdf Poulain_trieste09 application/pdf Poulain_2_trieste09

Find below the presentations that were made on the 2nd day (tuesday) :

Use of Argo observations in Met Office forecast systems and climate research M Palmer - application/pdf Palmer_Trieste09

Global hydrographic variability patterns during 2003-2008 J Von Schuckmann - application/pdf von_Schuckmann_trieste09

Comparing and combining Argo data with Altimeter data S Guinehut - application/pdf Guinehut-Trieste09

Tracing Large Scale T and S Anomalies by Floats S Schmidt -application/pdf Schmidt_Trieste09

Use of Argo data in monitoring and study of the ecosystem in the Norwegian Sea K-A Mork -application/pdf Mork_Trieste09

Interannual Variability of Intermediate and Mode Waters Informed by Argo Floats G Mc Carthy -application/pdf McCarthy_Trieste09

Argo at high latitudes O Klatt -application/pdf Klatt_Trieste09

Operational processing of argo data in Germany B Klein -application/pdf Klein_Trieste09

PROVOR technology and performance P Brault - application/pdf Brault_Trieste09

The APEX pressure offset problem B King - application/pdf king_Trieste09

Implementing Argos-3 in Ocean Platforms Y Bernard - application/pdf Bernard_treste09

NEMO Floats - Recent technology and upcoming features S Hendrik - application/pdf Hendrik_Trieste09