Euro-Argo RISE series of meetings between Argo suppliers and European users

Euro-Argo RISE project recognises the importance of links between the Argo community (scientists, engineers, data managers, program managers and anyone else involved in implementing Argo) and the commercial suppliers of floats and sensors.  Partners of task 8.3 (Lead: NOC, Euro-Argo ERIC, SU, MI, SOCIB) have therefore organised a series of online meetings whose purpose is to strengthen the relationships between Argo suppliers and users.

This series of 1-hour online meetings in which the European Argo community can meet commercial suppliers of Argo floats and sensors will start on Wednesday 10 Nov. Each meeting will feature one supplier, and as many users as care to join.

The Argo suppliers identified are (in alphabetical order): MRV (floats), NKE (floats), OSEAN (floats), RBR (sensors), Sea-Bird (floats and sensors) and Teledyne (floats).

The meetings will be held from 1630 to 1730 UTC+1 (CET). The final schedule is:


10 Nov

17 Nov

1 Dec

15 Dec

12 Jan

02 Feb









If you're interested to join one or several of these meetings, please register HERE.

More information about the rationale of this series of meetings is available in the invitation letter below sent to Argo manufacturers and users. A zoom connection link is included.

You are welcome to send us in advance questions or comments you would like to be included in discussion in the meetings.

Euro-Argo RISE project task 8.3 participants