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Adopt a float initiative

You want to introduce Argo floats to your class? Join the "Adopt a float project" and adopt one of theses underwater robots  and follow it during its scientific voyage. The trajectory of the float brings the students into an oceanic zone (e.g. the Mediterranean or the North Atlantic) and, in real-time, allows them to participate in the observations collected by this float as well as to the sciences that are associated.

The adopt a float program creates opportunities for a young public to discover the Ocean and the importance of studying it in order to better understand and protect this vast environment. Thus, adopt a float offers students of all educational levels a scientific, cultural and civic approach to the Ocean and to marine sciences through meetings, exchanges and activities with scientific research and outreach professionals.
By adopting a profiling float, the students become part of the "Ocean Voyagers" community of participating classes. Via the associated web platform, each class can follow and accompany the scientific journey of its underwater robot. Thus, they can familiarize themselves with the scientific data collected, which is accessible on an interactive map shared with the scientists.


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Identify the instruments the oceanographers use

Argo floats are not the only tools available to oceanographers to probe the oceans! Gliders, buoys, rossettes... Find out about all these other measuring devices with this ready-to-colour image developed by SOCIB:application/pdf Identify the instruments the oceanographers use.